How to Change the Custom Paper Size in Windows 10

Printing custom documents is made easier when you have custom document that fulfills the demands of your project. The first thing you must do is choose the sort of paper you want to use for printing. Next, find the page layout that’s suitable to the content you will be printing. There are two ways to do this: the direct method and the indirect procedure. If you’re printing a record for a relative or friend, the direct technique is recommended, but if you’re printing an item for yourself, the indirect method is preferable.

O Open the document you wish to print in a word processor. O Select Page Setup on the menu. O choose the custom paper sizes which you would like to use. O Click Print to start printing.

O Assess the printer properties. In the printer properties dwelling display, double click the title. The following information will appear: o what’s your printer model? O What is your paper dimensions? O First value to the resolution (how bright your text will probably be) o If you need automatic detection of the correct customized size, then set it to On or High.

O To change the name field, click the name field and type a new size in the Name box. O To view all the possible names, click on the Naming Tool button. The following text will appear: o Description of the name field o make certain you give a meaningful name that will not be confused with any other

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